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Kit # ANCESTOR                                                     Y Y               H
                                                    G C C               A
                                                    A A A               P
                  3   3                             T             C C     L
        3 3       8   8   4 4             4 4 4 4   A I I         D D     O
3 3   3 8 8 4 3 4 9 3 9 4 5 5 4 4 4 4 4 4 6 6 6 6 4 I I 4 6 5 5 Y Y 4 4 G
9 9 1 9 5 5 2 8 3 | 9 | 5 9 9 5 5 4 3 4 4 4 4 4 4 6 H     5 0 7 7   4 3 R
3 0 9 1 a b 6 8 9 1 2 2 8 a b 5 4 7 7 8 9 a b c d 0 4 a b 6 7 6 0 a b 2 8 P
  Group 1
20903 John R. Warren b. ca. 1635, d. 1691 + Rachel Williams 13 25 14 11 11 14 12 12 12 9 13 25 17 9 10 11 11 26 15 19 27 15 15 16 17 11 11 19 23 16 15 18 17 38 40 12 12 R1b1b2a1b5

The DYS Numbers in red have shown a faster mutation rate than the average, and therefore these markers are very helpful at splitting lineages into subsets, or branches, within a family tree. DYS 19 is also known as DYS 394. A Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) test, which is used to confirm the haplogroup, has been performed on the haplogroups written in bold, red print in the right hand column. It is necessary to do a SNP (commonly called “snip”) test for only one individual within a family group in order to determine the haplogroup for everyone in the group.

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Generation 1: Participant # 20903 descends from John R. Warren, born ca. 1635 for whom there are records beginning in the mid-1600-s in the American Colonies. He settled in Old Rappahannock County, VA, where many of the families who would provide future leaders of our country held large tracts of land. John made his sign on legal documents with the letter "R," and this middle initial for him has been added by his descendents to distinguish him from the many other men named John Warren.

The first record for one John Warren was dated 21 June 1658, when he gave power of attorney to Mr. Rich. Browne to represent him in county court in Westmoreland County, VA, in his suit against Stephen Tichnor. This document was witnessed by John Washington, great grandfather of George Washington, first president of the United States. Records found to date have not confirmed this was the same John Warren who was our ancestor.

Our John Warren was a planter, and the first record that can definitely be attributed to him was in 1667 when he purchased land in Old Rappahannock County, VA, in partnership with Richard West. John and his wife Rachel were members of the Sittingbourne Anglican Church. It is believed that John is the person mentioned in the Coroner's Report in Westmoreland County, VA, as having died 25 November 1691. (Westmoreland County is just across the river from Rappahanock County).

Rachel, wife of John Warren, is thought to have been the daughter of John Williams because John Williams gave a calf to Rebecca, daughter of John Warren, in 1679. (Such gifts were commonly used as part of a dowry for girls).

In 1696, Rachel appeared in Essex County, VA, court (Essex County was formed from Old Rappahannock County in 1792) and made a deposition stating, "ye deponent never did hear my daughter Edward Martin's wife say that John Alexander did say to Edward Martin do not let your wife know that you kild Capt. Spivy hogs and further saith not." Sworn before Francis Meriwether, Clerk of Court. (1)

The will of Rachel Warrin was recorded 11 February 1706 in Essex County, VA. Her will mentioned two sons, William and Thomas Warren, and four granddaughters, Mary Parker, Jone/Jane Martin, Margarit Martin, and Ann Warrin. Additional court records indicate that Rachel and John Warren were also the parents of John Warren, Jr., Rebecca (Mrs. Jeremiah) Parker, Elizabeth (Mrs. Edward) Martin, and (possibly) Samuel Warren. Rachel also signed her mark with the letter "R," but she added a dot inside the upper part of the letter.

(1) From the published work of Dr. Holland D. Warren, Ph.D., "Warrens and Related Families of North Carolina and Virginia," Delmar Printing, Charlotte NC, 1990, p. 28.

Generation 2: Thomas Warren, was born ca. 1683 in Old Rappahanock County, VA, and died ca. 1749 in Spotsylvania County, VA. He married Mary and his brother, William, married Elizabeth, with both marriages occurring before 1708. The maiden names of these girls have not been proven, but descendents of both couples often used the given name of "Hackley" in naming sons. Because the use of Hackley survived for 100 years or more it seems probable that these girls were sisters and daughters of John Hackley and his wife, Elizabeth. (2) John Hackley made his will in 1698, and did name daughters Mary and Elizabeth Hackley. The maiden name of Elizabeth, wife of John Hackley, is also unproven, but several maiden names have been proposed, such as Bowler/Boulware (3) and Lambert (an undocumented online Tree at Ancestry.com).

In 1717, Thomas bought 350 acres in Spotsylvania County, and he lived there for the next 32 years. Thomas served in the Virginia Militia, taking the oath as an officer under Capt. Thomas Chew on 5 August 1729 in Spotsylvania County. In June 1736, Thomas Warren faced a grand jury for absenting himself from church. He sent a letter of excuse, claiming that he was a Quaker, but since it appeared that he was not a Quaker, he was fined five shillings or 50 pounds of tobacco.

Thomas' will was probated on 4 December 1750 in Spotsylvania, County, VA, and his wife, Mary, survived him. Both were buried on their plantation in Spotsylvania County. Thomas' estate included five slaves. The children of Thomas and Mary Hackley Warren were Thomas Warren, Jr., Hackley Warren, Lancelot Warren, Rachel (Mrs. John) Askew, Elizabeth (Mrs. Matthew) Brook, Mary (Mrs. James) Buford, and Roxanna / Rosanna (Mrs. Robert) Moor. Based on matching DNA results between descendents of Thomas Warren of Spotsylvania County and descendents of Joseph Payne of Spotsylvania County, as well as a court record charging Thomas Warren and Susannah Pain with adultery, it seems likely that Thomas Warren was also the father of Joseph Payne, son of Susanna Pain:

On 3 December 1724 the Grand Jury of Spotsylvania County charged two couples, Henry Rogers and Elizabeth Fulshure and Thomas Warren and Susanna Pain with living in adultery. [Adultery is defined as consensual sex when one (or both) of the persons is married]. Thomas Warren, Sr., was born 1 January 1683 and was married to Mary Hackley. His son, Thomas Warren, Jr., born ca. 1710, was unmarried and too young to have been the man charged with adultery. For additional commentary on the Payne family see: Payne DNA Study.

(2) Warren, ibid, p. 53.

(3) From the published work of Ardith Warren Stone, "The House of Warren: 990-1990," p. 170.

Generation 3: Hackley Warren was born ca. 1720 in Essex or Spotsylvania County, VA, and died 10 June 1800. (Part of Essex County became Spotsylvania in 1721). His wife, Sarah Shipp, daughter of Thomas Shipp, was born ca. 1724 and died 29 October 1800. The places of their deaths are not known, but the dates of their deaths are recorded in the Lott Warren Bible, privately published. (4)

Hackley inherited 95 acres in Spotsylvania County, VA, from his father, and he was also executor of his father's will. Hackley and Mary Shipp Warren lived in Spotsylvania and Caroline Counties, VA, Orange County, NC, and in 1779 in Rutherford County, NC. Their known children were Joseph Warren, Lancelot "Lott" Warren, Mary (Mrs. James Sams), Thomas Warren, Reuben B. Warren, Frances Warren, and Rebecca Warren.

(4) Stone, ibid, p. 99.

Generation 4: Lancelot "Lott" Warren was born ca. 1750, and died in 1798 in Lincoln County, GA. He served in the Revolutionary War as a private from South Carolina, working as a saddler for State Troops under Capt. John Carter. Deed records for Lott, and other court records where he served as a witness, have been found for him in Edgefield County, SC between 1774 and 1796. However, his later signatures on probates may have been written several years previously because Lott sold his land in Edgefield County in 1785, and was granted 278 ˝ acres in Wilkes County, GA (which became Lincoln County in 1796). His Georgia land was just across the State line from Edgefield County, SC.

Lott made his will on 16 June 1798, in Lincoln County, GA, and it was recorded the same day. The appraisal of his estate was completed on 29 June 1798. His widow, Rebecca, survived him, along with ten children, some of whom were minors: Jane (Mrs. Elisha) Carter, Sarah (Mrs. Robert?) Graves, Hackley Warren, Joseph Warren, Mary (Mrs. George) Ellis, Rueben Warren, Hannah Warren, David Warren, Rebekah Warren (later Mrs. Marvel Stone), and Elizabeth Warren (later Mrs. James Miller). Lott bestowed his 400 acres, one Negro girl Ann, all cattle and equipment (except the cow, calf, sow and pigs he had already given to married daughters, Jane Carter and Sarah Graves), unto his wife, Rebecca, to be used for the support and education of "my little children," and at her death to be divided equally among all his children.

There is circumstantial evidence that Rebecca's maiden name may have been Gordon. Rebecca moved to Franklin County, GA, by 1805, where she was taxed 93 ˝ cents in Capt. Henry's District. The taxes were paid by "her agent, Joseph Warren," (her son) and they were taxed next to James Gordin, on the Huston River. The were 14 households away from Palmer Kendrick, and 20 households away from Obadiah Kendrick. Nearby was Thomas Gordin, who lived next to John Kendrick, whose land adjoined that of Landers and Obediah Kendricks, on the Huston River.

By 1808, Rebecca had moved to Wilkinson County, GA, where her son, Hackley Warren, paid taxes for himself and for Rebecca. Rebecca must have returned to Franklin County, GA, because on 29 June 1809, Joseph Warren applied for a passport for himself and his mother to go to Mississippi. "Rebecca Warren, with her family have lived in this county for several years. They have behaved themselves & been good citizens and have a mind to travel to Natches Country. Joseph son to Rebecca has been gone from this county for two years and has come from the Natches to assist his Mother and family to said Natches Country. Becky (Rebecca), Elizabeth & Hannah named to travel." (5)

(5) Stone, ibid, page 108.

Thomas Gordon also applied for a passport to travel to Natches in 1809, and was said to travel with his sister, Rebecca. Rebecca Warren and most of her children eventually lived in Covington County, MS. She paid tax in Covington County on four Negroes for several years after 1820.

Generation 5: David H. Warren was born 30 April 1787 in Georgia, and died between 1868-1869, probably at his residence in Coffee County, TN. He was a shoemaker. His first marriage was to Dicey Kendrick on 16 July 1806 in Franklin County, GA. They removed to Franklin County, TN, shortly after their marriage, where he and his brother, Rueben R. Warren, were listed on the 1812 voter list.

The parents of Dicey Kendrick, born ca. 1790, have not been determined. It should be noted that John Kendrick, along with David's uncle Joseph Warren and James Sams, the future husband of David's aunt Mary Warren, and James Rowlen, were charged by John Carroll in 1764 Halifax County, VA with trespass and assault and battery. The charges were dismissed, thought to be because the boys who did the mischief were minors, around age 16 or less. Surely John Kendrick is closely related to the father of Dicey Kendrick.

David and Dicey continued living in Franklin County, GA, until about 1838, when they separated. Dicey was enumerated in 1840 with eight of their younger children in Franklin County, but David has not been placed. (The David H. Warren on the 1830 Giles County, TN, census was the son of David's brother, Rueben R. Warren).

In 1851, David, a resident of Bedford County, TN, filed for divorce in Franklin County, TN. During court appearances in February and July of 1852, David testified that he had always treated Dicey kindly and provided her with the necessarys of life, and so far as he was able some of its luxuries; that she had been cross and at times exceedingly disagreeable for a year or two before she left him, and refused to cohabit with him; and that he had furnished her with provisions and otherwise provided for her hoping that she would return to her home. David stated that he had made repeated efforts to induce her to return to him, but she told him that she would suffer her right arm cut off before she would live with him again. The divorce was granted on 26 July 1852, after 46 years of marriage. Their proven children were George Washington Warren, Eliza Warren who married James Hosea "Hosie" Moore, Mary Warren who married Richard C. Holt, Jane Warren who married George Holt, Susan (twin) Warren who married John B. Corn, Nancy Hawkins (twin) Warren who married George R. Lawson, and William Warren. It is believed that Joseph Warren, b. ca. 1808 in Georgia, who lived near Dicey in 1840, named two of his children David and Dicey, and later lived in Barry County, MO, was also a child.

By 1853, David H. Warren had married Elizabeth Ayres, born December 1829, in Georgia, the daughter of Garland Ayres and his wife, Susan. David was age 66 and Elizabeth was age 23. They eventually became the parents of eight children, the last of whom was born when David was about age 81. Elizabeth Ayres Warren died after 1900, probably in Coffee County, TN. Their known children were James Madison Warren, Martha Ann Warren, David Warren, Moses Starnes Morgan Warren, George Warren, Alabama "Allie" Warren, and Walter Daniel Warren.

Generation 6: George Washington Warren was born 1 September 1817 in Franklin County, TN, and died 17 June 1908 in Benton County, AR. He may be the man named George Warren who married Jane Taylor in 1846 in Franklin County, TN. She and George Warren had two daughters, Martha Ann and Mary Jane Warren, mentioned in the will of Jane's mother, Martha Lambert. Jane married William Wildman / Wileman on 7 September 1854 in Franklin County, TN.

George Washington Warren married Susan C. Sublett on 2 January 1849 in Franklin County, TN. She was born 19 February 1824 and died 21 December 1902 in Benton County, AR. In about 1858, George and Susan left Franklin County with two of his sisters and their husbands, Eliza and Hosie Moore and Nancy Hawkins and George R. Lawson. By 1860 they were all living in Benton County, AR.

George and Susan were the parents of nine children: William Bonaparte Warren, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. William Day), George Washington Warren, Jr., Martha E. Warren (Mrs. Albert Martin, then Mrs. Parker McLauren), Thomas Allen Warren, Susan Emma Warren (died young), Charles Porter Warren, Calma Cordelia Warren (Mrs. Dilfill, then Mrs. Charles Ansel), and Stephen Walter Warren.

Generation 7: Stephen "Walter" Warren was born January 1869 in Benton County, AR, and died 18 March 1917. After leaving Arkansas, he lived in Oklahoma and Kansas. He married Mary Virginia "Kate" Smith, who was born in 1871 in Missouri, and died in 1952 in Cleveland, OK. Walter and Kate are both buried in the Twelve Corner Cemetery at Pea Ridge, Benton County, AR. Stephen and Kate were the parents of seven children. There have been eight transmission events between John R. Warren, born ca. 1635-1640 and Participant # 20903.

In addition to the published works of Ardith Warren Stone and Dr. Holland D. Warren, and a typewritten history of the descendents of George Washington Warren by the late Nellie Warren Head, I deeply appreciate the personal assistance of Wilma Warren Raysin, Lucretia Moore Turner, Burton "Wayne" Moore, Meada Feasel, Pauline Carnell, Lucy Simms, Illah Lawson Ruppert, Lillie Lawson Plumlee, Esther Buttram Boswell, Dema Buttram Shewmake, Modena Bradley, Shirley Anderson Howard, David Berry, George and Vondaleete Summey, Isom "Ike" and Ethyl Ethridge, Buell Corner, Silas and Gladys Warren, Donald Warren, Freda Lou Pendergraft Bell Boyd, Robert and Evelyn Warren, Patricia Wolfe, Earl and Emma Warren, and Floydaline Limbaugh.

Several descendents of John R. Warren have participated in the DNA Y-chromosome study. Based on the results of their DNA tests, it is gratifying to see the matching results from many different branches of John R. Warren's descendents. The results of all participants in the Warren surname project, which includes the results of Participant # 20903, may be viewed here: Warren Family DNA Study

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