DYS Numbers  
Kit # A                                                     Y Y               H
N                                                     G C C               A
C                                                     A A A               P
E                   3   3                             T             C C     L
S         3 3       8   8   4 4             4 4 4 4   A I I         D D     O
T 3 3   3 8 8 4 3 4 9 3 9 4 5 5 4 4 4 4 4 4 6 6 6 6 4 I I 4 6 5 5 Y Y 4 4 G
O 9 9 1 9 5 5 2 8 3 | 9 | 5 9 9 5 5 4 3 4 4 4 4 4 4 6 H     5 0 7 7   4 3 R
R 3 0 9 1 a b 6 8 9 1 2 2 8 a b 5 4 7 7 8 9 a b c d 0 4 a b 6 7 6 0 a b 2 8 P
  Group 1
1413 Jakob Friederich Sautter b.1789 Spielberg, Ger. +2 Agatha Kürn 13 23 14 11 11 15 12 12 12 13 13 29 17 9 10 11 11 25 15 19 29 15 15 17 18 10 11 19 23 16 13 19 18 37 39 12 12 R1b1b2a1a
4441 Jakob Friederich Sautter b. 1789 Ger. +1 Christina Bauer 13 23 14 11 11 15 12 12 12 13 13 29 17 9 10 11 11 25 15 19 29 15 15 17 18 10 11 19 23 16 13 19 18 37 39 12 12 R1b1b2
N60337 Jacob Sautter b. 1759 Altingen, Ger. + Catharina Klotz 13 23 14 11 11 15 12 12 12 13 13 29 17 9 10 11 11 25 15 19 29 15 15 17 18 10 11 19 23 17 13 18 18 37 38 12 13 R1b1b2
133799 Jacob Souder b.c. 1800 KY + Susanna Wright 13 23 14 11 11 15 12 12 12 13 13 29 17 9 10 11 11 24 15 19 29 15 15 16 18 11 11 19 23 18 13 18 17 37 39 12 12 R1b1b2
  Group 2
19651 Jacob Sautter b. 1680-90 Switz. + Anna Groff 13 22 15 10 14 15 11 13 12 12 11 29 17 9 9 11 11 23 16 21 31 12 13 13 13 10 11 20 20 13 13 15 18 36 37 11 10 G2a
111745 Jacob Sautter b. 1680-90 Switz. + Anna Groff 13 22 15 10 14 15 11 13 12 12 11 29 17 9 9 11 11 23 16 21 31 12 13 13 13                         G
  Group 3
34117 John Suter, b.c. 1730 Scotland +1 Unknown 13 24 15 10 11 14 12 12 10 14 12 32 15 9 9 11 11 24 14 20 32 12 15 15 16 11 11 19 23 15 16 17 20 33 39 12 11 R1a1
  Group 4
57816 Henry Albert Suter b. 1868 Scott County, IL + Melissa Marlin 14 22 14 10 13 14 11 14 11 12 11 28 15 8 9 8 11 22 16 20 28 14 14 15 16 10 10 19 21 14 13 16 18 35 36 12 10 I1
  Group 5
59553 John Souder b. 1781 PA + Virynda Cross 13 24 14 10 14 14 12 12 12 13 13 29 15 9 10 10 11 25 15 19 29 15 15 17 17                         R1b2
  Group 6
67945 Living Sauter of Württemberg, Ger. 13 24 14 11 11 13 12 12 12 13 15 29 18 9 10 11 11 25 15 20 29 17 17 17 18                         R1b1b2
111628 John Souders b.c. 1740 Unk, d. 1817 Bedford Co, PA 13 24 14 11 11 13 12 12 12 13 15 29 18 9 10 11 11 25 15 20 29 16 17 17 18                         R1b1b2
121267 Casper Sauder b.c. 1765 of Lancaster, PA +Catherine 13 24 14 11 11 13 12 12 12 13 15 29 18 9 10 11 11 25 15 20 30 16 17 17 18 10 12 19 23 15 15 19 17 36 37 12 12 R1b1b2
  Group 7
110891 Peter H. Sowders, b.c. 1770 VA + Sally Lacefield 13 22 14 10 13 14 11 14 11 12 11 29 14 8 9 9 11 23 15 20 29 11 14 14 15                         I1
  Group 8
113656 Jacob Sowder b. 1734 PA + Anna Prilliman 13 25 14 10 11 14 12 12 12 13 13 29 16 9 10 11 11 25 15 19 29 15 15 17 18                         R1b1b2
  Group 9
117058 William C. Sodders b. 1854 OH + Ella Hoffman 13 23 15 10 15 16 11 14 11 12 11 29 15 8 9 8 11 23 16 20 27 12 15 15 16                         I1

The DYS Numbers in red have shown a faster mutation rate than the average, and therefore these markers are very helpful at splitting lineages into subsets, or branches, within a family tree. DYS 19 is also known as DYS 394. A Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) test, which is used to confirm the haplogroup, has been performed on the haplogroups written in bold, red print in the right hand column. It is necessary to do an SNP (commonly called “snip”) test for only one individual within a family group in order to determine the haplogroup for everyone in the group.

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Mary Fern Souder

Group 1:

Participants 4441 and 1413: Vital statistics concerning the ancestry of these two participants were taken from Evangelische and Katholische Kirche records and in several villages in Württemburg, Germany. The two participants descend from Christian Sautter, born before 1736, and his wife Catharina Gessler, born before 1739. Information about the precise dates and places of their births has not been located, but their names were listed on the baptismal record their son, Andreas Sautter. Andreas was baptized on 16 November 1759 in Katholisch, Empfingen, Hohenzollern, Preussen.

On 22 December 1779 Andreas Sautter married Agnes Blandina Mast in Spielberg, Württemburg, Germany. She was born 14 August 1760 at Klosterreichenbach, Schwarzwaldkreis, Württemburg, the daughter of Johann Mast and Margaretha Wesser. Andreas was a nitrate maker, farmer, shovel maker and sawyer. He and Agnes were the parents of 12 children, and he died 10 July 1810 from colic and consumption. On 31 January 1815 Agnes became the third wife of widower Johann Georg Rothfuss in Unteriflingen, Württemburg, Germany, and in 1833 at the ages of 59 and 60, respectively, Agnes and Johann immigrated to the United States. It is assumed that they left in the company of her son, Christian Sautter, who also emigrated to the United States that year. He may be the person enumerated as Christian Sowder on the 1840 census in Lancaster Township, Fairfield County, OH.

Jakob Friedrich Sautter, son of Andreas Sautter and Agnes B. Mast (hereafter called Frederick Souder) was born 20 July 1789, in Spielberg, Württemberg, Germany. On 30 January 1816, Frederick married Christina Bauer at Spielberg. She was the daughter of Eberhard Bauer and Agatha Wagner. In 1829 they moved to Grombach, Oberamt Freudenstadt. He and Christina were the parents of nine children before her death on 18 October 35 in Grombach.

In 1837 Frederick made application for himself and his eight surviving children, ages 8 through 20, to emmigrate from Vaihingen, Württemburg, to the United States. He listed himself as a widower and a sawmill laborer who worked at the local mill. He gave the names and dates of births of all eight of his living children.

Family legend is that while aboard ship Frederick was married to Agatha Kirns by the ship's captain. The ship's log confirms that they both began the journey as single, but there was no record of their marriage in the logbook. (A biography of their son, George Frederick Souder, census records and grave stones prove their marriage).

Agatha was the daughter of Jacob Friedrich Kirn and Catherina Bauer, and the widow of Christian Kirn. They arrived in the New York harbor on 8 September 1837 aboard the Ship Franconia and went directly to Fairfield County, OH. Accompanying Agatha was her daughter, Eva Katherina Kirn. (A biography of their son, George Frederick Souder, proves their marriage).

Agatha Kürn was a half-niece of Frederick Souder's first wife, Christina Bauer, through their common ancestor, Eberhard Bauer. The intermarriage within this family is so convoluted that it is best understood with a diagram.

Eberhard Bauer   Eberhard Bauer
+1 Magdelena Kubler +2 Agatha Wagner
v v
Catherina Bauer Christina Bauer
+ Jakob Friedrich Kirn + Jacob Friedrich Sautter
Agatha Kurn (Kürn)
+1 Christian Kirn
+2 Jacob Friedrich Sautter

Evangelische Kirche records in various parishes in Württemberg, dating to the early 1600's, provide accounts of the births, marriages, and deaths for some branches of the Kirn family. The spelling used for the surnames Kirn / Kürn and Sautter / Sauter, seems to depend on which pastor recorded the events. Both spellings are used in alternating generations in the same families.

I am deeply indebted to Darlynn Frodsham for locating the baptismal, marriage, and death records for the Souder family in Württemburg, Germany, and for locating their names on the ship's passenger list.

Participant 4441 descends from Frederick Souder and his first wife, Christina Bauer. Their son, Lewis Souder, was baptized as Gottlieb Ludwig Sautter on 29 October 1829 in Vaihingen, Württemburg, Germany. Upon arriving in the United States, his name was anglicized to Louis Souder, and in later life it was spelled as Lewis Souder.

Participant 1413 descends from George Frederick Souder, born 14 March 1838 in Fairfield County, OH. He was the first child born to Frederick Souder and his second wife, Agatha Kürn.

These two participants were third cousins, with four transmission events between Frederick Souder and each participant, and six transmission events between them and Christian Sautter. Their DNA results were as expected, with no mutations on the 37-marker Y-chromosome test.

Frederick and Agatha are buried in the St. John United Church of Christ Cemetery, Loudon Twp., Seneca Co., OH. Their tombstones read "Jacob F. Souder 1789-1863," and "Agatha Souder, wife of Jacob F. 1796-1862."

Paticipant N60337: This participant tested independently through the National Geographic DNA Project. His earliest known ancestor is Jacob Sautter, born bef. 1839 in Germany. Jacob, a stone mason, married Catharina Klotz, born bef. 1843 in Germany. He died 7 December 1893, and Catharina died 24 November 1893.

Christian Sautter, son of Jacob and Catharina Klotz Sautter, was born 28 May 1859 in Altingen, Germany. He emigrated to the United States in 1881, and went from New York to La Fayette, IN, Canton, OH, and San Pierre, IN, before moving to the small town of North Judson, IN, where he settled. The following biography for Christian was published in Indiana in an unidentified volume, page 481.

Biographical Record

In Mr. Sautter is found a man whose business career is decidedly interesting, showing the competency which can be obtained by the natives of other lands. It has been truly said that he who is careful in small things, and who earns a reputation for honesty and reliability by observing the promises he has made, is already on the high road to a consummation of his hopes. Such a man is Christian Sautter, dealer in boots and shoes, at North Judson, Indiana. He was born in Altingen, Germany, May 23, 1859, a son of Jacob and Catherine (Klotz) Sautter, who were also born in the old country. The father was a stone mason by trade and followed the calling of a contractor throughout Germany, England, France, Italy, etc., for many years and made a reputation for himself in that line of work. He died in Germany December 7, 1893, his wife having died November 24, 1893. Christian Sautter was reared in his native country and was given a liberal education, but when fourteen years of age was apprenticed to the shoemaker's trade, at which he served two years and a half. Despite the protests of his father, he then left home and started out for himself, and until he attained his twentieth year he worked at his trade in the Republic of Switzerland. He then returned to his native land and remained with his parents for about a year, when he again became restless and dissatisfied and determined to seek his fortune in America. He landed in the city of New York September 16, 1881, at which time his sole capital consisted of the munificent sum of four cents, but by good luck he at once secured work, and for nearly a year he remained in that city. He then came out west as far as Lafayette, Indiana, but about ten months later went to Canton, Ohio, where he worked at his trade for about one year. At the end of that time he returned to Lafayette and secured employment with his former employer, with whom he remained successfully and profitably employed for about four years. In May 1887, he opened a shop of his own at San Pierre, Indiana, but at the end of six months, although reasonably successful there, came to North Judson and opened an establishment. In addition to an excellent repairing establishment, he carries a well selected stock of boots and shoes, and those in search of footwear, which is at once comfortable and durable, should not fail to call on him. His career has directly refuted the old statement that "a falling stone gathers no moss," for, though he has seen considerable of the world, he has looked out for the main chance and has been keenly alive to his own interests, but never at the expense of others. He has become a popular business man of North Judson and his establishment is liberally patronized by the elite of the city. He was married August 18, 1886 to Miss Louisa Ruhmkorff, a native of Hanover, Germany, by whom he has two children: Carl, born July 8, 1887, and Lydia, born June 24, 1889. Mr. Sautter is a member of the K. of P. of North Judson, the I. O. O. F., the Rebeccas and the Maccabees. In politics he is not a partisan, but votes according to his judgment and for the man whom he considers best fitted for the office.

There is a village in Germany named Altingen, and another named Aldingen. If Christian descends from the family near Aldingen, he may be closely related to a Sautter family that traces their lineage to the 12th century in Switzerland/Germany. There have been four transmission events between Jacob Sautter and Participant N60337.

Participant 33799: This family descends from Jacob Souder who was born ca. 1800 in Kentucky. Jacob married Susanna "Susan" Wright on 13 March 1823 in Madison County, KY. They were enumerated with their five youngest children on the 1850 census in Owen County, KY. This census taker spelled their name as Shrawdwer. Jacob and Susan were the parents of nine children: Matthew, Richard R., Thomas Jefferson, Elizabeth, James Berdit, William L., Mary, Martha, and Jacob Souder, Jr. Jacob died before 25 April 1859 and Susanna died about 1865.

Jacob Souder, Jr., son of Jacob and Susanna Wright Souder, was born 25 January 1845 in Owen County, KY. He married Elisa Jane Lancaster on 13 February1866 in Madison County, KY, and died 21 August 1925 in Owen County, KY. He and Elisa were the parents of 13 children: Silas Hudson, Henry Perry, Napoleon Bonapart, Sarah Elizabeth, John Franklin, Green Berry, George Richard, Leathy, Edgar Garriet, Lula, Ransom, Bernard, and Eliza Jane Souder. Participant 33799 descends from Ransom Souder. There have been four transmission events between Jacob Souder, Sr., and the participant. A web site featuring this family may be seen at:

Group 2:

Participant 19651 and Participant 111745: These participants descend from Jacob Souder and his second wife, Ann Groff, who are first seen in Lancaster County, PA. There is an active group of family genealogists who are researching this family, and they have research that traces this family back to the 1300's. The surname has also been seen as Sauter, Suter and Sowter. Jacob was born 1680-1690 in Switzerland and immigrated to the United States. (Some researchers believe there is circumstantial evidence that he came from the village of Hirzel). He purchased land in 1719 in Lancaster County, PA, where he and Anna began a prosperous farming business. Jacob died ca 1734, and his will was proved in 1737. He and Anna were parents of three known children: John, Jacob, (Jr.), and Ann Souder. Jacob had two daughters, Maria & Susanna, from his first marriage. Researchers in this family believe that Jacob Souder, (Jr.), changed his surname to Sowder, and may be the same man as Jacob Sowder who left records in Montgomery County, VA. (See Group 8 below).

John Souder, son of Jacob and Anna Groff Souder, was born by ca. 1725, and married Ann Bowman. John was a patriot of the Revolutionary War, serving in the Lancaster County (PA) Militia in Capt. Coor's Company, 4th Battalion, commanded by Col. Zeigler. He died in 1788 in Lancaster County, and his eight-page will detailed an estate of considerable means. John and Ann Bowman Souder were the parents of nine children. At one time their sons, Benjamin, David, and Jacob Souder owned all of Soudersburg, PA. This city is named for their family.

Benjamin Souder, son of John and Ann Bowman Souder, was born in 1756. He was also a patriot of the Revolutionary War, serving in Capt. Samuel Henry's Company of the First Battalion of the Lancaster County (PA) Militia commanded by Col. George Stewart. By 1797, some of the family had moved to Frederick County, MD, and in 1826, two of Benjamin's sons, David Souder and Jacob Souder, moved to Tiffin, Seneca County, OH, where they were prominent pioneer settlers.

Seneca County, OH, is the same county where the ancestor of Participants 1413 and 4441 in Group 1 located, about 1848. It had been assumed (before DNA testing), that the two Souder families in Seneca County were probably somehow distantly related. However, this is not the case, at least by a direct paternal lineage.

David Souder's son, Joseph Souder, added an "s" to the surname. Joseph Souders was a carpenter by profession, and he and his wife, Angeline Close, were enumerated on census records in 1850 Sandusky County, OH, (mistakenly indexed as Louder); 1860 Fayette County, IA; and 1870 Cass County, MO. They were the parents of four known children: Arrabella, Franklin, Charles C., and Frederick Souders.

Charles C. Souders was born 15 August 1879. It is with the sons of Charles and wife Amanda Hogan that the ancestry of Participants 1961 and 111745 diverge.

Participant 1961 is the great grandson of Charles C.'s son, Frank Jason Souders, born 1882.

Particpant 111745 is the great great grandson of Charles C.'s son, Harley Hogan Souders, born 1879.

There have been eight transmission events between Jacob Souder and Participant # 1961, and nine transmission events between Jacob Souder and Participant 111745.

Deep appreciation is expressed to Rosemary Weiker and Ruth Brill, both of Seneca County, OH, and Marilyn Souders and Robert Souders, who have extensively researched the extended Souders family.

Group 3:

Participant # 34117 was the descendent of John Suter I, who was born ca. 1739 in Scotland. He immigrated out of Bristol, England and settled in Southampton, VA, where he received a land grant in 1754 from King George II, of England. The name of his first wife is not known. It is thought that he may have married second Hannah Smith in 1768. John was a member of the St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Nottaway Parish, on the Nottaway River, and this church still stands. He died in 1788 in Southampton County, and left a will that named four sons and two daughters. John's property included seven slaves, two plantations, cattle, horses, hogs, corn, furniture, household items, farm equipment, and cash.

John Suter II, was born in 1855 in Virginia, and he died there in 1820. He married Elizabeth Stringfellow in 1775 in King George County, VA. She was the daughter of James Stringfellow and Susannah Smith. John served in the Revolutionary War, and was present at the surrender of Lord Cornwallis. John was also a slaveholder. He and Elizabeth were the parents of six known children.

John W. Suter, also known as John Suter III, was born in 1781 in Virginia and died in 1848 in Scotland County, MO, on the Old Suter Place. He married Elizabeth Ashbury in 1804 in Woodford County, KY, and married Sarah "Sallie" Keller in 1814 in Woodford County. He married Widow Baskett after 1829 in Illinois, and she died there. John came to Missouri in 1837, where he built a log cabin and acquired 600 acres of land. The family cemetery was located on their property, and after 1970, it was bulldozed over by a subsequent owner to make more room for farming.

John Keller Suter was born in 1824 in Shelby County, KY, and died in 1897 on the Old Suter Place in Scotland County, MO. John changed his name to John W. Suter IV. He was a Baptist, and a Democrat, and he went to California in 1850 for the Gold Rush. John was married to Frances Foree. There have been six transmission events between John Suter, I, and Participant # 34117.

Group 4:

Participant 57816 descends from Henry Albert Suter, who was born ca. 1868 in Manchester, Scott County, IL. He was the son of Catherine Elizabeth Suter, born September 1846 in Scott County, IL. Catherine was also the mother of Margaret Jane Suter, born 22 May 1865. Catherine was the oldest child of John Suter, born ca. 1825 in Kentucky, and his wife, Agnes P. Dean, whose record of marriage on 29 November 1845 in Barren County, KY, is held in the Kentucky State Archives. The parents of John Suter were John Suter, Jr., and Mary McVay, who had married on 22 March 1814 in Barren County, KY. It is assumed that John Suter, Jr., was the son of John Suter, born ca. 1765, who was enumerated as John Suiter in 1810 and John Suter in 1820 on Barren County, KY, census records. (The Suiter spelling was also seen in a few subsequent census records for this family).

Catherine Elizabeth Suter's father, John Suter, died about 1859, leaving her mother, Agnes, with seven children between the ages of one and 13. On the 1860 census, one of Agnes' sons, Madison, age 12, lived nearby with John's sister and her husband, Elisha and Sarah Suter Lawson, while the remaining children lived with Agnes.

Agnes Suter may have died by 1870, because on that census Catherine, her two children, and her two young brothers all lived in the household of her aunt and uncle, Elisha and Sarah Suter Lawson.

On the 1880 census for Scott County, IL, Catherine Elizabeth Suter and her two children lived with Elisha Lawson. The relationship between Elisha and Catherine clearly stated that Catherine was Elisha's niece by marriage, and that Margaret and Henry A. Suter were the children of C. E. Suter. Elisha's wife, Sarah, had moved three households away, and was a housekeeper in the Robert B. Coultas household.

Catherine E. "Kate" Suter married Washington Shrivers on 27 July 1890 in Scott County, IL. He was enumerated in 1880 in Scott County, IL, as Washington Shreeves, age 37, with his wife Margaret, 49. Margaret was ill with neuralgia. On the 1900 census, Washington and Catherine E. Steeves were living in Scott County, IL. They had been married ten years, and she was the mother of two children, with both children living.

Elisha Lawson moved to Morgan County, IL, by 1900, where he was enumerated as a boarder with the Lott household. He died 31 July 1909 in Morgan County, and Henry A. Suter was the executor of his estate.

Family records state that Henry A. Suter married Melissa Marlin in 1884.

The Y-chromosome signature for Henry A. Suter's descendent (Participant # 57816) is a perfect 25-marker match with eight participants in the Lawson surname study, and a 24-25 match with nine additional participants in the Lawson study. Even before DNA testing, the descendents of Henry Albert Suter believed that Henry was the son of either Elisha Lawson or one of Elisha's close kinsmen. Participant 57816 now traces his paternal lineage to Elisah E. Lawson, b. 8 Jun 1821 in Montgomery, TN.

Group 5:

Participant # 59553 is a descendent of John Souder who was born in 1781 in Pennsylvania, and died on 23 May 1835 in Howard County, MD. He married Virlynda Cross of Howard County, and they were the parents of Amos Warfield Souder, born 17 October 1814 in Maryland.

Amos Souder married Elizabeth Ann Murphy. They and their first two children were enumerated on the 1850 census in Washington County, DC, where Amos was employed as an overseer. By 1860, Amos had begun his farming career, and lived in Prince George's County, MD. In 1870 the family lived in Washington County, DC, and in 1880 they were again in Prince George's County, MD. Amos and Elizabeth were the parents of five children, including John Wesley Souder. Amos died on 21 February 1894 in Prince George's County.

John Wesley Souder was born 12 January 1849 in Maryland. He married Fannie Mae Ceas and they were the parents of at least four children before her death in March of 1900. On the 1900 census of Prince George's County, MD, the recently widowed John Souder had four children in the home, ages one through 14. He and his oldest son, Alfred Souder, were both working as day laborers. In 1910, John and his 10-year-old daughter, Esther, lived with his married daughter and son-in-law, Hattie and Arthur Kidwell. John was employed as a cemetery watchman.

By 1920, John, age 70, had married Ada, age 28. They lived in Washington, DC, where John was the gatekeeper at the cemetery. There have been five transmission events between John Souder, born 1781, and Participant # 59553.

Group 6:

Participant 67945: Living Sauter resides in Württemberg, Germany. He descends from a lineage that did not emigrate, and it is hoped that his family will provide a biography for their early ancestry.

Participant 111628 descends from John Souders, born ca. 1740, birthplace unknown. The first record for John was when he was enumerated on the 1790 Bedford County, PA, census, and was a neighbor of Jacob Souder(s). John's household consisted of himself, two males under age 16 and two females. Jacob's household consisted of himself, two males under age 16, and six females. It is speculated that Jacob was surely a close relative of John Souders.

In 1793 John received a land warrant for 100 acres in Bedford (now Fulton) County, PA. He made his will in March of 1817 in Bedford County, and left everything to his son, Henry Souders. In April of 1817 he wrote a codicil to his will and instructed son Henry to pay daughters, Elizabeth Hull and Margaret Myers, ten dollars each. John signed his will with a "mark." His wife was not mentioned in his will so she probably predeceased him.

It seems worth mentioning that a similarity of dates and naming patterns has led some researchers to speculate on whether John Souders could be related to or even the same man as Johannes Sauter / Souders who was earlier in Cumberland and Salem Counties, NJ. Documentation for this family comes from "Records of Emanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church at Friesburg, and the German Presbyterian Church near Cohansey," Charles C. Baker translator, 1936, FHL film 04410433. These churches had established joint communion and were located less than five miles apart. The 1936 typewritten translation from the old Teutonic German gives a very abbreviated list of births and baptisms (seemingly without specifying which event), and is so difficult to read in some cases as to make this account inconclusive.

Johannes Sauter had a son by his unknown first wife named Peter* Souders, born 25 January 1760. Johannes married second Margaret, widow of Abraham Schmidt who had died in 1766. The Bible record states that Abraham and Margaret Schmidt had a daughter, Rosina Susanna, born in 1866, so Margaret was left with at least one very young child to support.

The translated records for the names and dates of births of the children of Johannes Sauter and Mrs. Margaret Schmidt were: Daniel 9 July 1770, Jacob 7 May 1772, Elisabeth 20 December 1772, Johannes 6 October 1773, Jacob (again) 18 November 1775, Peter (again) 6 April 1777, and Margaret 1 January 1781. One can see that there is likely an error for the births of the first Jacob or Elizabeth, and possibly Johannes.

Later documents for Margaret Souders Myers show an age for her that closely corresponds to the daughter in the Bible records for Johannes Sauter and Mrs. Margaret Schmidt. Later records for the birth date for Elizabeth Souders Hull are too inconsistent to draw a conclusion as to whether she could be the daughter of Johannes and Margaret Sauter. "Henry" is not listed in the Bible record at all, and if he was the son of this couple, he would probably be the son "Johannes," born 6 October 1773.

*Lending credence to the possibility that these two families were the same is that there was a Peter Souders, over age 45, enumerated on the 1810 census in Bedford County, PA. He was located near the family of John Souders and his known neighbors. (It is thought that the younger Peter Souders may be the one who lived in Montgomery County, OH, in 1820 and died there in 1852). To date, a connection between the families of Johannes Sauter of New Jersey and John Souder of Pennsylvania is inconclusive.

Henry Souders, son of John Souders of Bedford County, PA, was born ca. 1770. Family legend is that his wife was Eleanor "Ellen" Marshall. Henry died intestate in May 1838 in Bedford County, PA, and the names of all his male children were listed in estate administration papers filed in Orphan's Court. Various court documents and personal letters confirm his known children, in birth order, as John, James, William, Margaret, Henry, Charles, and Arthur Souders.

William Souders, son of Henry and Eleanor Marshall Souders, was born in 1802 in Bedford County, PA. He married Hannah Myers before 1828. William's father, Henry, died intestate and his land had to be sold to satisfy liens against his estate. William bought the land, described as "about 78 acres adjoining the land of Bernard Bivens on the East, John Sowders on the West, Jacob Zimmerman on the North, and (Simon Householder) on the South" (Bedford County Orphans Court, August 27, 1838, p 403). This land, plus other parcels purchased from Simon Householder and heirs in 1839 and 1848 is probably the location of the families of William and his brothers Henry and Charles in the 1850 census. These lands were just north of the MD state line in the SE corner of Thompson Twp., Fulton County.

William died in 1863 in Tompson Twp., Fulton County, PA. His estate papers were filed 12 Jan 1866, and name his widow Hannah, and heirs Jonathan of Fulton Co., PA; Jacob of Yates City, IL; Arther (sic) of Hancock, MD; Elizabeth Bivins of Yates City, IL; and Simon (no address).

Participant 121267: Casper Sauder (ca. 1720- 1794) was a Swiss-German Mennonite who immigrated to Philadelphia aboard the ship Neptune on October 25, 1746. Also aboard ship was Peter Sutter, a presumed relative. (Casper is listed as Casper Sutter on the ship list). Casper's birthplace was in either southwest Germany (Pfalz or Palatinate), or Alsace (now part of France). He was first taxed from 1754 to 1757 in Lampeter Township, Lancaster County, PA. He was later taxed from 1758 to 1793, with 200 acres of land in Manor Township, Lancaster County, PA.

According to a family Bible record, Casper was married on June 20, 1751. The portion of the Bible record that mentions his wife's name has deteriorated, but family tradition states that his wife was Eva Freeling, and that she was a refugee from France (probably Alsace). In 1788, Casper and Eva Sauder bought 204 acres of land in Weaverland, East Earl Township, Lancaster County, PA. They apparently never settled in Weaverland, but several of their children did. Casper's children and their residences were as follows: 1) John Sauder (1752-1814; Manor Twp), 2) Barbara Sauder (1753-after 1803; Weaverland, married Benjamin Gehman), 3) Henrich Sauder (1755-1826; Weaverland), 4) Jacob Sauder (1757-1820; Manor Twp), 5) Eva Sauder (1761 -??), 6) Anna Sauder (1762-??), 7) Fronica Sauder (1764-1822; Weaverland, married Abraham Martin), and 8) Casper Sauder, Jr. (1765-1816; Weaverland, married Catherine Newswenger).

Participant 121267 descends through Casper Sauder, Jr. (1765-1816) and his wife Catherine Newswenger (1779-1821) > John Sauder (1802-1865) and his wife Mary Martin (1797-1850) > Martin M. Sauder (1831-1888) and his wife Barbara Burkhart (1833-1904) > Amos B. Sauder (1875-1954) and his wife Anna N. Hoover (1876-1916). Participant 121267 is six transmission events from Casper Sauder (Sr.). This family has been extensively researched Mary Zehr and Davin Martin.

Group 7:

Participant # 110891 descends from Peter H. Sowder who was born ca. 1770 in Virginia. He was married to Sally Lacefield (or Gracefield), and they were the parents of seven known children: John J., Perry, Joshua I., Permealy, William H., Robert, Frances/Francis Sowder. In 1850, Peter lived in Pleasant Run Twp., Lawrence County, IN, with his son, Jefferson Sowder, who had been born ca. 1795 in Kentucky, and had $1,200 in property. Peter died in August of 1854 in Lawrence County, IN.

Group 8:

Participant # 113656 traces his ancestry to Jacob Sowder who was born in 1734, a native of Pennsylvania. We know very little about the first 30 years of Jacob's life. His great grandson, John W. Sowder (who married Nancy Ridenhour) told his daughter, Arabella, that Jacob came from York County, PA.

Jacob's first known marriage was to Elizabeth, who was the mother of Michael Sowder. The death certificate of Michael, who died 18 June 1868 at the age of 100 in Montgomery County, VA, stated that he (Michael) had been born in Frederick County, MD (thus proving that Jacob was there in 1768).

Jacob enlisted in the Revolutionary War on 7 March 1778 and served in the 4th Virginia Regiment of Foot in the Continental Line, as a private. After Elizabeth's death, Jacob married Anna Prilliman on 18 June 1788 in Franklin County, VA. She was the daughter of Jacob and Priscilla Prilliman. On 27 July 1789, Jacob was granted 140 acres in Montgomery County, VA, by Governor Beverly Randolph. He sold the land in 1815 to his son, Anthony Sowder. This land became part of Floyd County, VA, in 1832.

Jacob wrote his will on 28 November 1818 and it was probated in Montgomery County, VA, at the May term in 1919. The executors were son Michael and wife Anna. Jacob mentioned the following 15 children: Adam, Jacob, Christian, Barbary, Michael, Betsy, Anthony, Daniel, Sally, Anna, Catherine "Caty," Cina, John, Rebecca, and Joseph Sowder. Adam, Michael, and Christian were children of Jacob's first wife, Elizabeth.

Christian Sowder, son of Jacob and Elizabeth Sowders, was born ca. 1765. His birth probably occurred in Frederick County, MD, since that is where his younger brother, Michael, was born. Christian grew up in Montgomery County, VA, and married a woman named Polly. He moved his family to Greenville, Greene County, TN, by 1798, where his daughter Elizabeth was born. Christian had co-ownership of 200 acres with Frederick Sowder. The relationship between these two men has never been established.

After living in Eastern Tennessee for nearly 20 years, Christian moved his family to Washington County, IN. He died there in 1823, and his will is recorded in Will Book I, pp. 51-52, under the name of Christley Souders. He named the following four children in his will: Jacob, Sally, Betsy, and Rachel. He decreed that his three youngest daughters (unnamed in the will) were to have a cow and a bed apiece, and his three youngest sons (unnamed in the will) were to receive his property in the event of their mother's death. The three youngest sons were proved to be John, Chrisley (Christian, Jr.), and Frederick Souders by a quit claim deed in Hendricks County, IN. The deed was dated 29 August 1829, and stated that they had received their equitable share of the estate of their late father, Christley Souders. The deed was proved 16 March 1839.

John Souders, son of Chrisley and Polly Souders, was born 12 May 1806 in
Greene County, TN. When he was age ten he moved with his parents to Washington County, IN. He married Polly Carter, daughter of Jedediah Carter, in Washington County on 19 March 1837. In 1839, John and Polly moved to Gasconade County, MO, They were accompanied in their move by John's brothers Jacob and Christian Souders, Jr., and sister Rachel Strain.

In 1839 John and Polly purchased 52 acres in Gasconade County, in but 1849 they sold 20 acres and the mill to William Jackson, and moved back to Washington County, IN. They returned to Gasconade County in 1851, and bought a farm on the Bourbest River, where John built and operated a saw and gristmill until after the Civil War.

In 1869 John and Polly moved from Gasconade County to Ozark County, MO, where some of their children had already moved. Jacob filed a homestead application for 160 acres. He and his son, James Otta Souders built a log cabin there in 1760. John died in Ozark County in 1872, and Mary "Polly" died in 1888. Both are buried in the Souder Cemetery, near the village of Souder, MO. John and Polly were the parents of 13 children. Participant 113656 descends from John and Polly's son, James Otta "Otie" Souders.

The above summary of this lineage was taken from "The Descendants of Christian, Sr., and Polly Souders of Washington County, IN," 1985, by James Ray Souder, 1985. The first three pages of this volume give an overview of several early immigrant Sauter/Souder families, and notes the similarities in dates and naming patterns between descendents of this family of this family and that of Jacob Souder, Jr, son of Jacob Anna Groff of Lancaster County, PA. (See Group 2 above). This volume stops short, however, of making the claim that the two men, Jacob Sowder of Pennsylvania and Montgomery County, VA, and the Jacob Souder, Jr., of Lancaster County, PA, are the same man. Since the Y-chromosome results of these two groups do not match, this potential relationship is refuted.

Group 9:

Participant 117058 descends from William C. Sodders, born October 1856 in Ohio. He married Ella M. Hoffman on 20 May 1879 in Preble County, OH, and they were enumerated in 1900 in Montgomery County, OH, with their youngest three children. This census stated that they had been married for twenty years and were the parents of eight children, all living.

Edgar Cecil Sodders, son of William and Ella Hoffman Sodders, was born 15 December 1880 in Louisburg, Preble County, Ohio. On 14 September 1902 he married Sadie Ann Driver, who was born 16 October 1881 in Virginia. Edgar worked as a farmer and a carpenter in Preble County. He and Sadie were the parents of five children before her death ca. 1914. Edgar never remarried and died ca. 1964 near Eaton, Preble County, OH. He is buried in the Louisburg Cemetery.

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