Kit # 1967. Barbara + Peter Earker Jr., b.c1724 who immigrated from Germany 1841 > Catherine Eaker b. c1753 Lincoln Co. NC, d. 1826 Allen Co. KY + Samuel Zimmerman / Carpenter > Elizabeth Carpenter b. 1791 Rutherford Co, NC + Landman Short, Jr., KY. HVR1 Haplogroup H1  
HVR1 Mutations 16519C
HVR2 Mutations 263G

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Generation 1: Peter Eaker, Jr., was born ca. 1724 in Germany, and immigrated with his parents in 1841, locating in Lincoln County, NC. It is assumed that his wife, Barbara, was also of German descent. Their daughter, Catherine Eaker, was born ca. 1753 in Lincoln County, and died in 1826 in Allen County, KY.

Generation 2: Catherine Eaker, born ca. 1753, married Samuel Zimmerman, and court records show that he anglicized his surname to Carpenter. Catherine and Samuel were the parents of eight children, and she died in 1826 in Barren County, KY.

Generation 3: Elizabeth Carpenter, daughter of Catherine Eaker and Samuel Zimmerman/Carpenter, was born in 1791 in Rutherford County, NC. She came with her parents to Barren County, KY, where she married Landman Short, Jr., in 1810. Elizabeth Carpenter and Landman Short, Jr., were the parents of ten children, and also raised one foster daughter. Elizabeth died in 1864 in Cole County, MO.

Generation 4: Frances Rebecca "Becky" Short, daughter of Elizabeth Carpenter and Landman Short, Jr., was born 17 June 1832 in Kentucky, and died on 1 March 1877 in Cole County, MO. Becky became the second wife of a widower who had one living and two deceased children, William B. Payne, on 21 December 1852, in Cole County. Becky and William had ten children of their own, seven of whom died in childhood. William B. Payne abandoned Becky in Cole County, kidnapping her three surviving children and taking them to Texas. The couple divorced and William Payne remarried in Texas and had four more children. Becky's only surviving daughter was reunited with her shortly before Becky's early death.

Eaker family historians have enormously benefited from the exhaustive research of Lorena Shell Eaker (Mrs. Otis C.), who has published "The Shoe Cobbler's Kin: Genealogy of Peter (Ecker) Eaker, Sr., 1701-1795," Volume I, 1976, and reprinted in 1982 and 1999, and Volume II, 1985, SCK Publications. Another authority on the Carpenter family is Robert C. Carpenter. Robert published “Carpenters A Plenty,” 1982, Gateway Press, Inc., and his book contains over 1,112 pages of carefully researched Carpenter family history.

This participant's mtDNA is the most common of all the participants in our family study. An earnest attempt has been made to find a common ancestor with two women in the ftDNA database who matched both the HVR1 and HVR2 markers of Participant # 1967. However, a known common ancestor was not identified for either woman. One of the women was adopted and could not provide documentation earlier than her own life. Although she believed that her mother had lived within a few hundred miles of the family of Participant # 1967, a person matching her mother could not be located in my family.

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