Kit # 23778. Mary "Molly" b. ca. 1758-60 VA, d. aft. 1834 KY + William Basham, Jr. > Rhoda Basham b. 1792 VA, d. 1852 KY + Jubal Payne 1808 Franklin Co, VA > Agnes Payne b. 1820 Breckenridge Co, KY, d. 1911 Polk Co, MO +2 Joseph Huckaby 1841 Barren Co, KY HVR1 Haplogroup H2  
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HVR2 Mutations 263G

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Generation 1: Mary "Molly," born ca. 1757-60, was the wife of William Basham, Jr., son of William Basham, Sr., and his wife, who was allegedly Sarah Agnes Angel. Molly's estimated dates of birth and marriage are based on the date of birth of her first known child, Elizabeth Basham, who was born ca. 1777.

In May of 1768, William Basham, Sr., made his will in Cumberland County, VA. He named his wife, Sarah, and three children, William (Jr.), Jeremiah, and Sarah Basham. Simon Chaffin and Thomas Huckbey proved his will in May 1768, with William Angel, William Allen, and John Cardwell serving as securities. The executors were the widow, Sarah, and sons, William (Jr.) and Jeremiah Basham.

William Basham, Jr., was already living in Bedford County, VA, in 1771, when he sold the 200 acres in Cumberland County that were given to him in his father's will. [This land adjoined that of his brother, Jeremiah Basham]. If Molly's estimated date of birth is correct, William Basham, Jr., was probably still single when he moved from Cumberland to Bedford County, VA, and Molly and William may have married in Bedford County, VA. Further support of the single status of William Basham is that no wife relinquished her dower when he sold the land in 1771.

Molly and William were residents of Bedford County, VA, in 1782, where his name appeared on the List of Taxable Property and Tithes there. In 1800, he was taxed in Franklin County, VA. However, this may not have involved an actual change of residence for them because Franklin County was formed from Bedford County, VA, in 1785.

William Basham, Jr., was listed as a patriot in the Revolutionary War as a result of his patriotic service in Virginia. The records of this service were submitted to the Daughters of the American Revolution by DAR member Betty Mae Krull Seip, NSDAR # 509113.

In 1810, William Basham (Jr.) and wife, Mary (Molly) sold 211 acres on Little Linville Creek, Franklin County, VA, to James Mayes, for 136 pounds, 16 shillings. [The land was previously conveyed to William Basham (Jr.) by John Hook]. Shortly thereafter the sale, Molly and William moved to Breckenridge County, KY.

William Basham, Jr., made his will in Breckenridge County on 1 December 1834, and it was proved 17 November 1834. One of these dates is obviously in error. D. J. Stephens, Thomas K. Pyle, Peter Reed, and Joseph Lankford witnessed the will.

The will of William Basham (Jr.) listed nine children, and his wife, Molly, survived him.

Generation 2: Rhoda Basham, daughter of Molly and William Basham, Jr., was born 13 March 1792 in Bedford or Franklin County, VA. She married Jubal Payne on 20 August 1808 in Franklin County, VA. Their marriage bond was signed by her father, William Basham, and by Robert Harrison, Jubal's brother-in-law.

Jubal was the son of James Payne who made his will in 1841 in Bedford County, VA. James listed 12 children in his will, and the first mentioned was his "illegitimate son, Jubal Payne." Jubal had a sister or half-sister named Nancy Payne, [wife of Robert Harrison], who "was raised by someone other than her parents." Her descendents claim that Nancy's mother was a Chaffin, and her grandmother was a Canute. *Note: Simon Chaffin witnessed the will of William Basham, Sr.

Rhoda and Jubal Payne left Franklin County, VA, about 1812, and moved to Breckenridge County, KY, where they lived until 1819. By 1920, they had moved to Barren County, KY. They lived in this vicinity for some 30 years, until their deaths. Jubal Payne died 31 October 1850, and Rhoda died 17 July 1852. They were the parents of 16 children.

Generation 3: Agnes Payne was born 20 January 1820 in Barren County, KY. She first married Joseph Kenslow on 3 August 1837, in Barren County, and he died after three years of marriage, leaving Agnes with two children. On 23 June 1841, she married 2nd a widower, Joseph Huckaby, son of Thomas and Keziah Huckaby. Agnes' second husband, Joseph Huckaby, was undoubtedly a kinsman of Thomas Huckbey who had proved the will of her great grandfather 73 years previously, in 1768, in Cumberland County, VA.

Agnes and Joseph Huckaby moved to Polk County, MO, about 1858, along with her younger brother, Joel Payne and his wife, Mary Polly Huckaby, who was a daughter of Joseph Huckaby and his first wife, Mary "Polly" Bridges.

Agnes was the mother of 17 children--two by Joseph Kenslow, and 15 by Joseph Huckaby. The hamlet of Huckaby, MO, in Polk County, was named for her family. Joseph Huckaby died 1 January 1871 in Polk County, MO, and Agnes died 7 August 1911 in Huckaby, Polk County, MO.

I am deeply indebted to the late L. Malcomb Basham of Dallas, TX; Mrs. Opal London Cox, of Enid, OK, whose published work "Kinfolk" included Basham history, pages 286-8; Norman L. Payne; Togin Cassell; and A. J. Heck.

Participant # 23778 had no mutations on the HVR1 test, which means that the HVR1 is a perfect match with the Cambridge Reference Sequence. Since H is the most common haplogroup in Western Europe, it is to be expected that this participant will have a high number of matches within the FamilyTreeDNA database.

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